Hof Lieferanten Berlin

Good food is our strength! With heart, craftsmanship and the right zeitgeist, we conjure up overall culinary experiences: from the pan or from the grill, vegetables & co. land directly fresh and crisp on our guests’ plates. We make sure that our guests feel comfortable, from A to Z. For our catering, we prefer to use seasonal organic products that come from the Berlin/Brandenburg region whenever possible. True to our credo #vomhofindiestadt.

We self-produce as much as possible from scratch and strive to process everything edible. Seasonal ingredients are carefully prepared. This processing requires first-class craftsmanship, a years of experience, creativity and attention to detail. Wherever possible, our team works in a climate-neutral and sustainable way. We are sure that we can only produce to high standards with respect for people, animals and the environment and with fresh, seasonal ingredients. We intend to also do so at the CLUB THEATER BERLIN.